2014 - How I would build the Offense

This is partly in response to Richard Hill's query:

How would you build the Offense?

Great Title, however I felt too constrained by the options there, so here is my outlook…

Position By Position:

QB – set for 2014, an extra body will be brought in for camp.

RB –

Stevan Ridley (2014)

Shane Vereen (2014)

Brandon Bolden (2014)

Sam McGuffie (2015)

Jonas Gray (2015)

Quentin Hines (2015)

The Patriots have filled out their depth at the RB position with Jonas Grey, former Dolphin coming off an Achilles injury now in his second year, Quentin Hines is one of those 5’9 190 guys, and Sam McGuffie, I would expect them to try and improve the talent level either late in the draft or with UFAs… a likely UFA is someone like JEROME SMITH (Syracuse) who could pound it up the middle and fill Blount’s void.


James Develin (2014)

I would focus on finding that ideal ‘flex’ TE that can fill the role of fullback when needed, a player like CROCKETT GILMORE in the 4th (or 5th if they can make some trades) I believe would fill that need, making Develin expendable.

Wide receiver

Danny Amendola (2017)

Aaron Dobson (2016)

Josh Boyce (2016)

Kenbrell Thompkins (2015)

T.J. Moe (2015)

Mark Harrison (2015)

Reggie Dunn (2015)

Greg Orton (2015)

Matthew Slater (2014)

I’m making no changes at WR, I’m not putting money into Edelman, I’m not signing a big name FA or using a draft pick, I might pick up a UFA or two if they seem promising. The Patriots have a ton of youth and talent at the position, they just need to continue to develop it.

Tight end

Rob Gronkowski (2019)

D.J. Williams (2015)

I already mentioned CROCKETT GILMORE up above, but ahead of him in the draft I am targeting AUSTIN SEFERIAN JENKINS and if I miss on him I am selecting ARTHUR LYNCH, I am coming out of the second round with the BPA at TE. Not the best quasi-WR (Amaro lovers) the best TE, the one that can really block, and really shift down along the O-line, and really protect the QB.

And then, I’m bringing in a UFA or two as well, searching for that hidden diamond someone like Asa Watson NCS who at 6’3 and 236 isn’t going to be an inline TE, but could be a fill-in for other needs. Ideally they would have two flex TEs and two inline TEs all of whom are legit threats in the passing game.

Interior O-line (C/G)

Logan Mankins (2016)

Josh Kline (2015)

Chris Barker (2015)

Braxston Cave (2015)

Dan Connolly (2014)

Markus Zusevics (2014)

Ryan Wendell was last season’s starter at Center, he is a FA now, its a good time to look to improve the position. And my number one FA signing priority would be ALEX MACK. Mack is simply the best Center in football, and he is about to become a FA. Centers have a tremendous amount of responsibilities as far as directing the offense and the pass protection and the run blocking, communicating with the quarterback identifying and blocking everything.

The better your center, the better the O-line will perform, the better your QB will perform, the better the whole offense will perform. Mack also seems like the right personality to blend well with Mankins and will likely solidify the play of both guards. Mack is my priority signing in FA for the Offense, and I’d push off some big numbers into the future of his contract, to make sure I got him.

Offensive tackle

Sebastian Vollmer (2016)

Nate Solder (2015)

Jordan Devey (2015)

Elvis Fisher (2015)

R.J. Mattes (2015)

Brice Schwab (2015)

Marcus Cannon (2014)

A lot of bodies in the mix here, and two solid-to-exceptional starters when both are healthy. Cannon makes a viable back-up for one more season, and hopefully one or two of the remaining show enough to stick around. I would consider taking a shot at NC OT JAMES HURST who suffered a broken leg in their Bowl game. Hurst, an anchor at left tackle, made 49 career starts and was looking to be at least a 2nd round prospect before the injury. If he is there for the Patriots late in the 3rd, that could be a solid value pick, in the 4th it would be a steal for a potential future starter for the O-line.

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