The Totally Awesome Mock Draft Returns - Now With 2014% MOAR AWESOME!!

And with that overly dramatic title out of the way, let us begin:

1st Round, Pick 29: Travis Swanson, C, Arkansas

Even picking at the bottom of the 1st, I believe we'll be able to get the highest rated center in the draft. Without Dante Scarnecchia around anymore to turn late-round and UDFA picks into serviceable linemen, spending high picks on this position is more important then ever. Some people suggest we should get a TE or DT here, but I disagree - I'd rather get 1-2 more years out of Brady then have him put up 500-1000 yards extra yards with better receivers. More years mean more shots at a championship, and championships - not individual stats - are the goal.

As for Swanson himself, he has everything you would look for in an interior linemen. He can pull for the run game, block defenders out of the play, and explodes off the line. He is known for his leadership on and off the field, and intelligence as it relates to the game itself. Should he be our 1st round pick, I expect him to anchor the line for the remainder of the Brady era and be a valuable asset going into the future.

2nd Round, Pick 40-62: Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington

With out biggest need out of the way and a deep class at TE, things become much more fluid. What if there is a rush for TEs and all the top prospects go in the 1st? What if just the opposite happens and Ebron falls into the second? Such unknowns make predicting who we pick and when difficult, but one thing is clear - the Patriots should take advantage of this deep class, and they should do so in the second round.

And with that established, I say Austin Seferian-Jenkins is our guy. We may have to trade up to get him, but I expect the price to be worth it. Commonly called ASJ, Seferian-Jenkins is quick, reliable and colossal. At six feet six inches tall, his size is similar to that of Gronk. With him, Gronk and Dobson on the team, Brady would have three targets over six feet tall on the field at almost all times. The three of them have the potential to be a trio of elite players, similar to the offense of Denver but with greater toughness and flexibility when it comes to run blocking. Add in Amendola, the speed of Boyce and strong depth players such as Thompkins, and it's entirely possible the offense Brady retires with will be the best of his career.

Other "Honorable Mention" TE picks include Ebron, though chances of him falling to us in the second are unlikely. C.J. Fiedorowicz represents a potential later round pick, though I feel like taking him would mean missing out on one of the truly elite prospects.

3rd Round, Pick 93: Ahmad Dixon, SS, Baylor

Dixon is a play-maker and big hitter at safety. His technique isn't perfect, but with other leaders on the defense and one of the greatest defensive minds as his HC I expect this would improve. His presence on the field would allow Jamie Collins to play closer to the line, or if both drop into coverage then Dixon will have more freedom to roam and gamble on big plays. The two of them will bring a brutality to the defense that has been missing since Brandon Meriweather left, most of which will hopefully not be directed at our own team.

At this point some people will likely be questioning why I haven't addressed the DT position. There are a number of reasons for this, but the largest is that we simply have greater concerns. Interior line and TE obviously come first, and once you get to the later rounds you can no longer count on getting an elite player. Since the problem at DT is a lack of standout players as opposed to a lack of depth, spending late-round picks on the position is a waste.

4th round: Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson

Boyd is a player has gotten alot of attention as a possible later-round pick for QB-needy teams such as the Browns, Texans or Vikings. Because of this there is a good possibility he is gone well before our pick, but CBS has him listed as a 5th round prospect.

Boyd has decent accuracy and the ability to run. At six foot one inch, he may be a bit shorter then the ideal QB but has no lack of toughness. His biggest knock is that he was surrounded by elite targets throughout his career, though this will likely be the case again if he plays in NE.

6th round: N/A

This, along with the rest of the picks in the draft and possibly the 4th are what I'd use as ammunition to trade up in the second.

6th round: N/A

This, along with the rest of the picks in the draft and possibly the 4th are what I'd use as ammunition to trade up in the second.

7th round: Deandre Coleman, DT, California

Coleman is a late-round DT pick. Great size and strength, but lacking in terms of burst and pass rush ability. This is also where I'd consider taking any best player available, ideally TE, WR, CB, S or interior linemen. This may also be traded as part of the second-round deal.


So there it is. The February edition of the Totally Awesome Mock Draft. For what it's worth, this is assuming Edelman and Spikes are not back while Aqib Talib is. Thoughts? Suggestions? Do you believe the trade seems realistic?

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