They needed a #1

So is anyone out there wondering why the Revis signing is such a big deal?

Does anyone wonder who they were better off with: Revis or Talib?

If so, read on.

Let’s first consider what impact Revis could have, against one of the best Offenses in the NFL, by looking back to when the Patriots had two of the more unstoppable weapons in the NFL. Not only did Revis have the ability to shut down Randy Moss, no small feat itself, but he could also shut down Wes Welker one-on-one in the slot. Two very different receivers, one that could stretch the field as well as anyone, and the other that was as quick and shifty a receiver as there was in the NFL.

There is a reason why the term "Revis Island’ was quipped over and over again until it became universally recognized throughout the entire NFL and its fanbase. And that’s because Revis could be matched up against anyone, and negate them, zero them out.

BB’s modus operandi has always been to try and take away the opposition’s most productive receiver. That’s what he did against the Saints taking Graham out of the game, and he did the same thing to T.Y. Hilton and the Colts in the playoffs.

And while Talib had success in the role of shut-down corner in the Patriots’ system, Revis can lock down anyone, and has less injury and character issues to worry about. With Revis, the safeties and linebackers will have more leeway to blitz, to cut off routes, to get more creative, just like when Talib was out there in top form, those first few games of last season.

But hey, don’t take my word for why Revis is such a game-changing pick-up, read what others a little more well-known and respected have to say:

Tedy Bruschi had this to say about Revis just prior to his being signed by the Patriots:

"Defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick are most successful when they have a player like this, where they can eliminate part of the field or eliminate a receiver that’s outside, or also in the slot, and they can be creative in other parts of their coverage with their linebackers, defensive ends, safeties, other cornerbacks if they have this player. A Ty Law type of player -- this is who they need,"

"- you just can’t do what you want to do if you don’t have a player with this type of skill -- the Aqib Talib, Ty Law type of skill.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus, said this of Revis Tuesday:

"Darrelle Revis is still the shutdown standard at cornerback in the NFL. Richard Sherman is close, but Revis was there first, and despite working his way back from a knee injury last season was still our top graded corner overall."

Not only was Revis the highest graded corner in 2013, he was easily No. 1 in 2011 as well, and has been consistently great at a position that is streaky by nature.

"He excels in man coverage, can play both sides as well as track receivers to the slot and would be a coup for any team looking to add elite coverage to their secondary," Monson said. "When the Jets lined up with Revis in the secondary it allowed the team to take away a team's best receiver, forcing a quarterback to either put the ball in jeopardy throwing at Revis or sacrifice his favorite weapon."

The D was very strong in 2013 when Talib was in the lineup, Alfonzo Dennard was good as a #2, Logan Ryan showed the potential to become an even better player and #2 option than Dennard, and Kyle Arrington was a luxury as a nickel/slot man.

But they needed a No. 1.

Talib filled that role... and now the player that for the better part of the last half dozen years has been the best in the NFL at that position, has replaced him.

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