Prospects/Schools to pay attention to PT 1

Just as a precursor, I think the Rutgers pipeline is closed- so I would not say Brandon Coleman is going to be a Patriot. I also would not expect a similar mass exodus of players from a single school to the Patriot program. But, if I could pick one school to fulfill that niche, it would be Notre Dame. Anyways, this post should serve as a document you all can refer too, as a guide, to find some interesting players that are potential Patriots. Instead of talking about a school like Illinois, who offer the capable services of LB Jonathan Brown, here I will discuss schools with a plethora of talent that will interest the Patriots. I will not go in depth on each player, but I will offer some brief notes when applicable/ notable fits for the Pats. This will be part 1 of this series, the schools will be in alphabetical order, and I will organize the players by tiers. Tier 1 is a day 1 talent, and tier 2 is a day 2 talent (and so on). Let's begin.

1. Alabama: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1 Players

-C.J. Mosely LB

-Ha Ha Clinton Dix S

B. Tier 2 Players

-A.J. McCarron QB

-Cyrus Kouandijo OT

-Anthony Steen OG

C. Tier 3 Players

-Vinny Sunseri S

-Adrian Hubbard OLB

-Deion Belue CB

D. Notes: Vinny Sunseri could be a very interesting day 3 pick, he was the signal caller for the Tide

2. Colorado State: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1 Players


B. Tier 2 Players

-Weston Richburg C

-Shaquil Barrett LB

C. Tier 3 Players

-Crockett Gilmore TE

D. Notes: Shaquil Barrett was a baller his entire career at CSU, he could see a fit as a situational pass rusher

3. Florida: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1 Players

-Dominique Easley DT

-Loucheiz Purifoy CB

B. Tier 2 Players

-Jon Halapio OG

-Jaylen Watkins CB

-Marcus Roberson CB

C. Tier 3 Players

-Jonathan Harrison C

-Ronald Powell LB

-Trey Burton OW

D. Notes: Loucheiz Purifoy has immense athletic ability and special teams prowess. He has first round ability, but his technique has come into question.

4. Florida State: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1

-Timmy Jernigan DT

-Christian Jones LB

B. Tier 2

-Lamarcus Joyner CB/S

-Telvin Smith LB/S

-Devonte Freeman RB

-Kelvin Benjiman WR

C. Tier 3

-Bryan Stork C

-Terrance Brooks S

D. Notes: Christian Jones is very raw, but the upside is unlimited. He also needs to work on his awareness.

5. Iowa: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1

-C.J. Fiedorowicz TE

-Christian Kerksey LB

B. Tier 2

-James Morris LB

C. Tier 3


D. Notes: Christian Kerksey reminds me of Lavonte David, who has become a premier defender-and will undoubtedly flourish in Lovie Smith's scheme even further.

6. LSU: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1

-Jarvis Landry WR

-Odell Beckham WR

B. Tier 2

-Zach Mettenberger QB

-Anthony Johnson DT

-Ego Ferguson DT

-Jeremy HIll RB

C. Tier 3

-Craig Loston SS

-J.C. Copeland FB

D. Notes: While Beckham surely offers more athletic upside, and is a fantastic player in his own right, I prefer his teammate Jarvis Landry. From what I have seen, Landry is tough as nails and has a distinct ability to catch balls in traffic-and use those mitts to pluck footballs out of the air. Both are 1st round talents.

7. Notre Dame: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1

-Louis Nix DT

-Stephon Tuitt DL

-Zach Martin OG

B. Tier 2

-T.J. Jones WR

-Troy Niklas TE

C. Tier 3

-Bennett Jackson CB

-Prince Shembo OLB

D. Notes: I would love to see T.J. Jones as a Patriot, whenever I go to watch Troy NIklas cutups my attention is always diverted to Jones. He is a pretty solid player with limited upside, but is a pretty advanced route runner.

8. Ohio State: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1

-Ryan Shazier OLB

-Bradley Roby CB

B. Tier 2

-Carlos Hyde RB

-Jack Mewhort OT

C. Tier 3

-Kenny Guiton

D. Notes: Carlos Hyde is a violent runner who is pretty nimble on his feet for his size. If Blount leaves, don't rule out this player as a possible addition to the Patriot backfield.

9. Oregon: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1

-Colt Lyerla TE

B. Tier 2

-Terrance Mitchell CB

-De'Anthony Thomas OW

C. Tier 3

-Taylor Hart DL

-Boseko Lokombo

D. Notes: As one of the most troubled prospects in recent memory, Colt Lyerla is probably off 90 percent of the draft boards in the NFL. But his talent is undeniable. He has a skill set similar to Aaron Hernandez, except perhaps a better and more willing blocker.

10. Penn State: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1


B. Tier 2

-Daquan Jones DT

-Allen Robinson WR

C. Tier 3

-Glenn Carson LB

D. Notes: Daquan Jones would be a great pickup for New England. In what I have seen, he really excels at getting push on the pocket but also interrupting the running game.

11. Pittsburgh: Notable Prospects

A. Tier 1

-Aaron Donald DT

-Devin Street WR

-Tom Savage QB

D. Notes: I might have to explain myself on this one. I think we all agree that Aaron Donald is a premier talent, but I would go on to add that teammates Devin Street and Tom Savage are fantastic players as well. Street is an intelligent deep threat who can excel in multiple niches of the receiver position. I like his ability to separate, but also his route running ability and hands. When coupled with his size and athleticism you have a great talent. Tom Savage may not be an amazing player yet, but he has moved up my board steadily since I caught on to him. I like that he takes snaps from under center consistently, and shows the ability to maneuver in the pocket. He is not Andrew Luck, but he can create time with his feet to some extent. He obviously has a cannon, but I always see him make NFL caliber throws in his cutups. I also implore all of you to realize the talent Pittsburgh has churned out to the NFL. Many elite players.

Parting Shots:

1. Any schools you think I missed, like Auburn or Mizzou, I missed on purpose. I believe the schools I picked have talent that directly corresponds to the Patriots needs.

2. I will get part 2 of this thing up soon, with 10 more schools

3. Post Combine Mock Draft

2: Xavier Su'a Filo OG UCLA

2: Jimmie Ward S NIU

3: Kareem Martin DE UNC

4: Daquan Jones DT Penn St.

4: Jordan Tripp LB Montana

5: Xavier Grimble TE USC

6: T.J. Jones WR Notre Dame

6: Tom Savage QB Pittsburgh

6 (C): Shaq Barrett LB Colorado St.

7: Colt Lyerla TE Oregon

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