Ideal Mock Draft

As of right now the Patriots have 8 picks (1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6, 6, 7.) Now I cannot see the Patriots drafting anyone in the first round seeing it would be a reach for all potential picks, Hageman having motor questions, Tuitt dropping etc. I think the Pats should trade down and out of the first round, package Ryan Mallet and our first for a 2, 3, 4 and 5th round pick to a team who is looking for a QB and to move up as well, maybe throw in a 7th round pick. Draft Picks now (2,2,3,3,4,4,4,5,6,6,7,7.) Now trade up for another second round pick giving a 3 and 4, so we have 3 seconds.

With these picks I would take Kyle Van Noy first. He is a great LB who is almost a Jamie Collins clone, both can drop into coverage fairly well and both can get after the pass rusher. He can replace Spikes as the run stopper who also does more. Take Niklas or ASJ with the other second, I personally like ASJ better since he seems to be the better athlete and both are willing to block. With the 3rd second I would take Dominique Easley. I know he has two bad knees maybe, and we don't want got get stuck with an injury ridden player, but Easley is a monster when healthy. He was early first round material and was very great at his Pro Day and was only at 80%, imagine 100. (3,4,4,5,6,6,7,7)

With our most glaring lineup questions answered (DT, LB, and TE) we can go for depth. With our third I think we should take Jordan Tripp who would replace Dane Fletcher perfectly. Tripp will be a steal in the third as he can move smoothly covering sideline to sideline and turns his hips like a safety. With our 4th round picks I think we can disregard linebacker now leaving Kirksey for others. The Pats should take a WR here, I am torn between many, I like both Brandon Coleman and Martavius Bryant as big 'X' receivers for us but I believe both will be gone and that Dobson will make a big sophomore jump. So the Pats take Jared Abbrederis. He is the new Wes Welker except he has decent size at 6'1". Scouts have raved about his route running ability and stereotypical white football player traits (scrappy, deceiving speed, hard worker etc.) He gave Bradley Roby a huge pain torching him for over 200 yards and he is projected as a first round pick. With the other 4th we take Deonne Buchannon if he falls to solidify our safety position, or Telvin Smith to play the prototypical huge SS that Belicheck has been dreaming of. I'm sure it won't be very smooth but I believe he should be able to make the transition.

With our 5th round pick we take Brandon Thomas who was being mocked by some as our potential first round pick, he can be the next Marcus Cannon after sitting out this year.

With our two 6s I think we should take a RB, I believe Andre Williams will be long gone so we take Terrence West or Storm Johnson. I am fine with either as they both have been said to be great all around backs and can easily play in the NFL, some have them praised as early as the 3rd or 4th round. Our other 6 should go to Gabe Ikard. We need help at the center position (I was tempted to take Weston Richburg in the 2nd) and Ikard has the potential to grow into a starter. I am an OU fan so I have seen Ikard play a lot and he can stay with the best of them. He handled his own against the D Line of Bama in the Sugar Bowl when the Sooners ran rampant at times and played very well against highly rated Louis Nix. With some polishing by BB he can be great.

With our 2 sevenths we should take Crockett Gilmore or Gator Hoskins to add another TE and replace Mulligan who can play FB, catch and block well. Ideally, our last pick would be Aaron Colvin, also a Sooner who was a first round talent until getting hurt like Thomas but he is getting projected at 6. So if he is gone our last pick should go to South Carolina QB Connor Shaw to replace Mallet. He worked out for Pats and has a decent arm and ability to learn under Brady is good for anyone.

I also think we should sign Colt Lyerla if he becomes a UFA for a replacement of Hernandez as the main move TE in our system. I know it is said he has been taken off the Pats draft board but I think this is a huge mistake, he has had drug problems and questionable character on twitter and such but he has grown out of this stage. He has attended rehab and is said to be a fine citizen now after making mistakes as a young college kid. He has 1st or 2nd round talent and will be a beast and steal of the decade when he pans out.

So our picks will be

2: Kyle Van Noy, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, and Dom Easley

3: Jordan Tripp

4: Jared Abbrederis and Telvin Smith (assuming Buchannon is gone)

5: Brandon Thomas

6: Storm Johnson (or West) and Gabe Ikard

7: Gator Hoskins (or Gilmore) and Connor Shaw

Sign Lyerla

I tried to do true Pats fashion and stockpile picks and address multiple areas and I think this draft would be perfect for the next year and years to come.

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