The Hercules Saga (Troy Niklas potential Patriot, part 2)

Jonathan Daniel

continuation from: The Hercules Saga (Troy Niklas potential Patriot, part1)

1.2 is Niklas a good run blocker?

  • Good usage of arms and hands
  • Nice knee bending, good leverage and nice burst from the snap
  • Right understanding of angles and leverage in order to open holes
  • Looks to finish his man assignation

a) Niklas playing right end on the offensive line, once Niklas engages with his long arms to the Left OLB (#52 Carl Bradford), he never gets pushed back a single inch, and suddenly overdrives lateraly his man right down to the sideline.


b) Niklas playing left end on the offensive line, bursts out towards Rutger s Right DE/OLB (#22, Lambert) with a nice angle, just to win the leverage battle against him, and suddenly push him back down to the field grass.


c) Great technique by Niklas (right end), nice angle, leverage and feet work. All to keep steadiness on and not to give up a single inch on the play.


What about Niklas vs bigger guys?

d) Notre Dame puts double TE at the left side of the formation, check out how Niklas (TE1) and OT double team on the big right "5 tech DE" (#90 Will Sutton), then OT goes forward to take the LB behind the line, while Niklas keeps his job on Sutton.


e) Double TE at the left side, Koyack blocks the right OLB, while his fellow Niklas (TE1) beats up right "5 tech DE" (#95, Gannon Conway), finishing him up all by himself.


other angle:


What about Niklas 2nd level run blocking?

f) Niklas and Koyack playing double TE at the LOS., while Koyack takes out right OLB, Niklas bursts out from the line directly to control and push back right MLB (#21, Young), to subsequently destroy him.


g) Niklas playing the slot, right on the seam, a slot CB (#29, Marshall ) isnt a match for "Hercules". So why not calling on a bubble screen?


h) This other screen was also called on this same game.Block made on DB (#24, Pretlow)


i) As a very dynamic run blocker (coming from a right end stance at the LOS), he checks in at both "5 tech DE" (#95, Conway) and then goes out for the LB (#2).


The pass protection and the run blocking seem to be the strenght of his game, undoubtedly, but how about Niklas the passing target, is he capable enough? how dominant could he end up being on the play action game?? . . . .

The Hercules Saga (Troy Niklas potential Patriot, part 3: Niklas the receiver)


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