Are we there yet?

Well it has done done it again. It has done done it.

I don't know what to do man. I have this itch, this..... feeeeeeeeeeling. Like the NFL Draft is close by? Say it ain't so? I've been suffering NFL Draft withdrawals for a few weeks now and all I can think of is how much ice cream and rootbear would take to make an ice cream water/rootbear/amazingly awesomely awesome park. Wait.... what?

See it has done done it again. My brain is poop. I see prospects flash before my eyes, while the evil Mel Kiper hairdoo aims to rid the existence of sound scouting. Well that has happened for a long time, but now it has teamed up with the Manning forehead and I feel it to be an unstoppable force of media coverage.

Why is the draft so far? Wait you say it's only two days away?

Two days?

Just two?




You shall not break me! You may throw out prospect grades! You may throw out misguiding prospect analysis! My good friend and pal RIchard Hill and the staff of the pulpit shall swing the mighty chin hammer of justice upon thee, and smite those who have jib jabbing sources out across the windless fields of torment! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I'm sorry.....

You see, my other alter ego Jack'sAxe has tried to calm me down..... but not this time! No siree-bob! Or was it siree-smitty werbenjagerman-jenson.....

My fix has waited long enough.... the draft must come! Belichick will show whose boss. He will select some UDFA in the fist round, and he will be a god among men! He is the man we need, not the one we deserve!

Now where is my rot beer.....

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