OTA - Off Topic Activities: #77 - Nate Solder Edition


This is a thread for anyone who would like to enjoy some pleasant conversation that may or may not be football related. This is a place where some of us can get to know each other a little bit better, and on a slightly different level than other places on the site. A thread that may contain at times humorous dialogue, quotes, pictures, or anything else that might entertain. Remember to have a good time! But also please remember to keep it somewhat clean. We'd prefer innuendo over gory details.


All the rules are based on this: Have fun, but don't keep other people from having fun.

a) Don't troll each other, or attack other members. You learned this in kindergarten.

b) If a picture is NSFW (Not Safe For Work), do not post it as a picture. Instead post it as a link.

c) Be kind to newbies, and help them fit in. Remember to share your crayons.

d) If someone asks you nicely to steer clear of a topic, find something else to talk about.

e) Any and all other SBN and PatsPulpit rules apply. In other words, this ain't Vegas.

Rec this thread, so it stays atop the most rec'd fanposts. Unrec it when another thread is made.

Below is a guide to certain slang, lingo, nicknames, or any kind of term that we use here at the Pulpit.

Format: Term - Definition/ Explanation

Citgo - a place where irrelevant people especially in sports will be/ are working.
What is HC Mangini doing now? Working at the Citgo
What is Adalius Thomas doing right now? Working at the Citgo.

D-Mac / McC - Nickname for Devin McCourty
Hoodie & BB & Granny Belichick - Nicknames for Head Coach Bill Belichick
GRONK - Usually typed in capital letters, nickname in short for TE Rob Gronkowski
Seabass - Nickname for RT
Sebastian Vollmer
Zeus - Dont'a Hightower - Hopefully he rushes like a streak of lightning.
Leonidas - Nate Ebner
Minitron - Tom Brady's nickname for Julian Edelman
Ka-Chung! - The sound Patrick Chung makes as he runs into his teammates and removes them from play.
AMC - abbreviation for "Athletic Mythical Creature". A guy with absurd measurables who for one reason or another is never seen on the field - increasing his "mythical" status. Mark Harrison is an AMC, but Randy Moss is simply a freak. ("Athletic Mythical Creature" coined by cruelangelT, AMC abbreviation by prioris)

Many thanks to all that have made these threads possible and popular in the past.

Some of the crowd.

Wilfork's preparing something special for us:



The views expressed in these FanPosts are not necessarily those of the writers or SBNation.

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