NFL Predictions.

Bryon's 2014-15 NFL Preview


American Football Conference

East Division

1. (2)New England 13-3

Tom Brady hasn't won his division only once(2002). This wont be the second.

2. Miami 9-7

They have the talent, except on the offensive line...

3. New York 9-7

Its up to Geno whether NY's second favorite football team can reach January.

4. Buffalo 4-12

Buffalo is still searching for their next Jim Kelly...

North Division

1. (4)Cincinnati 10-6

Andy Dalton seems to morph into Matt Schaub every New Years...

2. (6)Baltimore 9-7

Flacco kinda doomed the Ravens for a few years due to his massive salary.

3. Pittsburgh 9-7

Big Ben needs help.

4. Cleveland 3-13

Josh Gordon's tumbling fast, its really sad to watch.

South Division

1. (3)Indianapolis 12-4

Indy wont be able to make that leap until Brady and Manning retire.

2. Houston 8-8

What happened last year???

3. Tennessee 6-10

Jake Locker is so close to that next level. But he's not there yet, and neither are the Titans.

4. Jacksonville 4-12

I think Denard Robinson is better than the QBs the Jags have.

West Division

1. (1)Denver 14-2

Peyton Manning. Nuff said.

2. (5)San Diego 12-4

The Bolts are the only team aside from NE and DEN that can make a run to Glendale from the AFC.

3. Kansas City 9-7

KC had the easiest schedule in the NFL in 2013. Not this year.

4. Oakland 7-9

Poor Oakland... At least the A's are good.

National Football Conference

East Division

1. (4)Philadelphia 11-5

I told everyone Foles would be a superstar but naw call me crazy.

2. New York 10-6

The NFC is too good. Sorry G-Men.

3. Dallas 8-8

I actually really like Jason Garrett. I feel for him because Jerry Jones

4. Washington 7-9

SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Ex: RGIII's career.

North Division

1. (2)Green Bay 12-4

Aaron fucken Rodgers thats why.

2. Detroit 10-6

The NFC North was calling Detroit's name but the Lions couldn't get it up. At least Jim Schwartz is gone.

3. Chicago 8-8

Jay Cutler just isn't committed to winning.

4. Minnesota 3-13

I hope Bridgewater plays well this year. The Vikes are talented but something's off.

South Division

1. (3)Tampa Bay 11-5

Lovie Smith is an excellent head coach. That simple.

2. New Orleans 11-5

The NFC South is so damn good.

3. Carolina 9-7

The lack of playmakers on the outside transforms the Cats from NFC title contenders to sitting at home this New Years.

4. Atlanta 8-8

Teams get one chance. 2012 was it and the Falcons blew it.

West Division

1. (1)San Francisco 14-2

The winner of this division will be in Arizona in Feb. 2015. Spoiler alert...

2. (5)Seattle 13-3

The champs will play as such in the toughest division in football.

3. (6)St. Louis 11-5

Its all up to Bradford.

4. Arizona 10-6

The Cards are stuck in the NFC West.

2015 NFL Playoffs


American Conferencer

(5)San Diego 31

(4)Cincinnati 20


(6)Baltimore 24

(3)Indianapolis 28

Hmm... The AFC Divisionals look pretty familiar...

National Conference

(5)Seattle 21

(4)Philadelphia 9

The Eagles don't really belong on the same field as Seattle.

(6)St. Louis 10

(3)Tampa Bay 14

Lovie Smith's defense comes to the rescue against St. Louis.


American Conference

(3)Indianapolis 17

(2)New England 34

New England will get back to the Conf. Title.

(5)San Diego 37

(1)Denver 40

The Chargers lose a heartbreaker to Denver. Again.

National Conference

(3)Tampa Bay 17

(2)Green Bay 41

Rodgers will have no troubles carving through the Buccaneers D.

(5)Seattle 17

(1)San Francisco 19

Revenge is a dish only served at home.


American Conference

(2)New England 23

(1)Denver 17

The Pats secondary take the AFC Title right out Wes Welkers hands at the end of regulation. Irony.

National Conference

(2)Green Bay 21

(1)San Francisco 28

The Pack can't overcome their slow start, falter to The Kaeptain in Santa Clara.


(A2)New England Patriots 26

(N1)San Francisco 49ers 21

(I meant NO BIAS. Every time a QB is questioned about how "elite" he is in the offseason, his team wins the Super

Bowl... just watch.)

*Brady was questioned about whether he was a top five QB...

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