Stephen Tuitt in Foxboro

Looks like We found our rotation guy.

Off-Season Changes the Patriots Should Make

Shutdown Corner describes off-season changes the Patriots should make.

Did anyone see the Belichick and Chris Berman interview?

Unfortunately, I woke up late and missed it. Was wondering if anyone might have a link to watch it online. I googled it and couldn't find anything. Thanks for your time.


"War of the Walking Wounded"?

Here's NFL Trash Talks take on the game.

Gronk surgery went well

I've yet to see a surgeon report that his surgery did not go well, but there you go

2014 Playoff Preview

Gronkowski has an ACL. Hernandez has a Murder Charge. Wes Welker's a Bronco. And yet, we are 12-4, division champs, first round bye in the playoff. Tom Brady and Belicheck have done it once again, now let's see what's in store for the postseason.

Shadows Fall on Boston Sports

Heavy \m/etal band Shadows Fall talks about music and sports. It's mostly about the Celtics but it's pretty cool that their vocalist is into sports.

Jerod Mayo

Here is a funny video of Jerod Mayo and Tom E Curan. Its Pretty educational Also.

Beginning of Brady's Hand Injury


I previously stated I had seen Brady spraying some numbing agent on his hand after a sack in week one, I was actually wrong , it was week two, after a third quarter sack against the Jets(he threw the ball very well that game btw, although the wrs were dropping everything. However interestingly enough they didnt score again after the injury, but the rain and the drops probably had a lot to do with that as well. In the end all that matters from that game is Brady controlled his body language). I have seen him rubbing his hand, and spraying it, in every game ever since. If this is slightly the cause of some of his inaccuracies (interestingly enough the hand injury was probably re-aggravated to the point of causing the swelling in the second game against the Jets, is Pollard secretly playing in NY?), then it would only be another factor in the perfect storm that has conspired to slow down this offense (injuries, murder, free agency, injuries, rookies, free agency, injuries, free agency, rookies). However by the time this heals completely, along with a perfect storm of positive factors such as maturing rookies, and healthy additions being caught up to speed (Danny, Vereen and Gronk), we should be ready to unleash hell on the league in a couple of weeks. Add to this our defense, with Talib coming back, and Kelly, SOPO, and Chris on the line, and we should have all we need to unleash our own juggernaut by the time those boys from Denver come to say hello. It'll be nice to let Wes know we miss him, but we are doing just fine. you know, wouldn't want him worried about us.

espn football journey Chris White

Heres a good interview with Chris

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