Patriots Flag Football

Patriots Flag Football: Adam's Sixth Pick

I have the final selection in this year's flag football frenzy, so I stick with my theme and feel strangely confident as my team takes the field.

Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Sixth Pick

With Rich's final pick complete, when do they start engraving his name on the trophy?

Patriots Flag Football: Greg's Sixth Pick

Greg Knopping cements his victory with his sixth and final selection in the 2013 Pats Pulpit Flag Football Draft.

Patriots Flag Football: Alec's Sixth Pick

Time for the icing on Alec's inevitable victory cake as he adds yet another versatile element to his already dominant team.

Patriots Flag Football: Kiper's Comments, Round 5

The teams are still alive through round five, let's see where they stand.

Patriots Flag Football: Adam's Fifth Pick

Five for Flagging.

Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Fifth Pick

Rich continues to flesh out the roster of his championship-bound flag football team.

Patriots Flag Football: Greg's Fifth Pick

Greg Knopping of Pats Pulpit makes his fifth pick in the 2013 Flag Football Draft.

Patriots Flag Football: Alec's Fifth Pick

Dominance isn't always about being smarter. Sometimes it's simply about being bigger.

Patriots Flag Football: Adam's Fourth Pick

With a big body and a backfield so crowded you couldn't fit a piece of dental floss, I dip in the unproven to solidify my secondary.


Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Fourth Pick

Rich's rampage to the top of the flag football charts won't end until the trophy is on his bookshelf.

Patriots Flag Football: Greg's Fourth Pick

Greg Knopping makes his fourth pick in the Pats Pulpit Flag Football Draft.

Patriots Flag Football: Adam's Third Pick

In this episode of Keeping Up with the Jones', I scramble to add more dynamic offensive threats to my flag football roster.

Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Third Pick

Can anyone stop Rich's relentless push for the flag football throne? This writer doesn't think so.

Patriots Flag Football: Greg's Third Pick

Greg Knopping makes his third selection in the 2013 Pats Pulpit Flag Football Draft.

Patriots Flag Football: Alec's Third Pick

The rich get richer as Alec Shane once again zigs while his hapless opponents all zag.

Patriots Flag Football: Adam's Second Pick

After addressing my team's offense, I go with with a tried-and-true defensive presence to limit the big targets.

Patriots Flag Football: Rich's Second Pick

Rich continues to march towards a league victory.

Patriots Flag Football: Greg's Second Pick

With his second choice in the Pats Pulpit 2013 Flag Football draft, Greg Knopping has selected cornerback Aqib Talib.

Patriots Flag Football: Alec's Second Pick

Alec Shane kicks off the 2nd round of the flag football draft by adding some shiftiness and versatility to his team.

Patriots Flag Football: Adam's First Pick

A new challenger emerges.

Patriots Flag Football: Rich's First Pick

Rich Hill continues the flag football draft and manages to pick one of the team's star players.

Patriots Flag Football: Greg's First Pick

With his first pick in the 2013 Pats Pulpit Flag Football Draft, Greg Knopping selected receiver Danny Amendola.

Patriots Flag Football: Alec's First Pick

We kick off our 2013 Patriots Flag Football draft with Alec Shane's first overall pick.

Patriots Flag Football Returns

Back by popular demand, the contributors at Pats Pulpit will be drafting players for a 7 vs. 7 flag football game using only members of the 2013 Patriots.

Patriots Flag Football: Picking the Winner

Now that training camp is officially underway and it's back to real football, I figured today would be a good time to officially wrap the flag football draft Greg Knopping and I had that ended...

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