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Chicago Bears Playbook - Matt Forte, Chess Piece

After years of Bears offensive coordinators getting bested by Dom Capers' 3-4 machine, Marc Trestman is now 1-0. Here's how Trestman used Matt Forte in both the run and pass game to blow past the defense that previously seemed unbreakable.

Lovie the Coach, Lovie the Coordinator

Evaluating Lovie Smith, not only as a coordinator, and but as a coach, and how responsibility for his product stacks between him and the rest of the NFL

Is Manny Lawson The 49ers Multi-Tool Athlete At Outside Linebacker?

We take a look at the 49ers pass rush needs and whether Manny Lawson might be the answer at OLB over the long haul.

3 Offensive Coordinators in 3 years for Jay Cutler

I get the Aaron Rodgers love from the Media, but come on, Jay Cutler has had 3 Offensive Coordinators in 3 years.

Favre's First Peace Offering To The Packers - Says He Thinks They Will Win It All

ESPN Article: "[Packers QB] Aaron [Rodgers] is the best QB and the receiving corps is the best ever, maybe," Favre said in the e-mail. "But [defensive coordinator] Dom [Capers] and the defense gets the MVP award at this stage."

Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Hire Vic Fangio: A Brief Statistical Evaluation of the New DC

Do Vic Fangio's defenses get worse over time? Busting a myth, properly evaluating his previous gigs, and making a prediction about his new job with the 49ers.

What's Right About Your Houston Texans: Andre Johnson

Lest you think blogs are all hate, let's look at what's right about the Houston Texans.

In search for DC, worry about the man -- not the system

New York Giants need to worry about the man, not the system, in defensive coordinator search

Back To The Drawing Board; Bears Attacked the Pack Wrong

Attacking the Green Bay 3-4 defense; What did the Bears do wrong?

49ers Year-by-Year: 1996

Read all about the San Francisco 49ers' 1996 season. This was a season of excitement, joy, and heartbreak. And one always worth revisiting.

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