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Notes on Diaries and InBradyWeTrust

Just want to point out a couple things to everyone, then I'll take this post down in a few days.

First, notice in the right column, there is a section labeled "Diaries." Read the entry named "Unto the Flock Is Given a Great Gift." That will explain briefly what the diaries are for, and that is for your deeper participation. It's your chance to spout and inform without having to respond to a main post. They'll also make for more lively discussion. Check it out.

Also, far more importantly, I neglected to welcome InBradyWeTrust to the PatsPulpit staff. I elaborated a little further below in the post named "The Respect Theme...." Go there and please give IBWT a proper welcome. (No comments to this post, please.)

Hope you're all enjoying our new home. I know I am.

-- Tom