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The Respect Theme...

I must say, I am pleased and honored to be helping Tom at the Pulpit.  I truly respect his opinions and commentary.  I myself have been a Patriots fan all my life.  Have not missed a game in many years.  Thank God for Sunday Ticket.  I grew up in Boston and due to family circumstances beyond my control, had to move to Los Angeles 13 years ago.  Well, if you've seen the weather here you would understand why I have stayed.  I miss Boston terribly, but can live without the weather.

I will be posting from time to time and be able to give the perspective of a fan that lives more than 3,000 miles away from our beloved team.  I must warn you, though.  I may live far away from Foxboro, but I remain very passionate about this team. However, disagree and rant anyway you feel fit...that my friends is what it is all about...passion!

Now, on to my post...

All week the Jaguars have been using the "no respect" card.  In my opinion, I think they are overreacting a little.  Sure, they finished 12-4, but their final five games were against creampuffs.  They did, however beat Cincinnati 23-20 and Pittsburgh 23-17 (but Big Ben was out).  They did lose to the better teams, Indy and Denver, etc.

Their schedule helped them a lot, but they are still 12-4 and that's not easy to do in the NFL.  If they need this to motivate them, then they are in trouble.  I think they are feeling dissed that the Pats are such a huge favorite and they finished 10-6.  But, but but my friends that is a tough 10-6.  And, may we remind our friends from the South that this is the Super Bowl champs led by Mr. Tom Brady.

I found it such a smart move by Tom Brady when he suggested the Patriots still get no respect.  After all, everyone (including this fan as I thought injuries were just too much) was leaving them for dead, the dynasty was over.  Basically, he was trying to turn the focus away from Jacksonville's cries.  Smart, and bold but would we expect anything else?

Some media outlets (ahem, the Daily Quickie on ESPN) said this was a sad move and that the Pats are the most respected team in the NFL.  But, the writer failed to realize that it was not whining by our leader, rather it was a smart move meant to turn the focus of the game.

What do you think?  Talk amongst yourselves...

I will be posting an open game thread prior to kickoff...tune in and we can discuss the game as it is going on!