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Welcome to the new Pats Pulpit

Welcome back, my friends,
To the show that never ends.
We're so glad you could attend.
Come inside! Come inside! **

Yes, my flock, here it is, the all new New England Patriots Pulpit, now forever known simply as

Welcome to the Gridiron Church of Foxboro. I am Brother Tom. This is the Word of the New England Patriots.

Here you will find news, analysis and commentary on the first NFL dynasty of the Third Millennium. The news will be fair and balanced. The analysis will be thoughtful and insightful. The commentary will be everything from light and cheerful to dark and biting.

We'll also talk about the rest of the NFL, other Boston sports, sports in general, and sports journalism.

You, my congregation, are also going to have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and express your opinions, from open threads to polls to diaries and much more.

So come to the altar, my faithful flock, and give thanks that you are a member of Patriot Nation. And if you are not a member, welcome, be at peace -- even if you're a lowly Jets or uncouth Raiders fan. Receive the Word.

Now please stand as we celebrate the mysteries of the oblong pigskin. And, now, speak in unison, "In Bill We Trust."

Can I get a hallelujah?

** From "Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression, Part 2)" by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.