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Post Game Thoughts: Pats 28, Jaguars 3


Photo Courtesy: Fox Sports

28-3.  Wow!  That is a lopsided score.  Congratulations to Willie McGinest.  4.5 sacks in a playoff game and passing Bruce Smith for all-time post-season sack leader...both records.  Awesome Willie!
Congratulations to Tom Brady.  Only quarterback to start his career 10-0 in the post-season.  The Patriots as well have the longest undefeated streak in the post-season!
And finally, kudos to coach Belichick... 11-1...the best record in the post-season in NFL history. Geez, a lot of congratulations all around!


Total Yards:
Patriots 307
Jaguars 292
Patriots 118
Jaguars 87
Time of possession:
Patriots 30:26
Jaguars 29.34

Biggest Stat:
New England 2
Jacksonville 0

Hmmm...stats say it was pretty close.  These stats do not reflect the score or a dominating performance.  Maybe I expect too much.  I am a cynical guy.  Although a nice win, this game draws a lot of concerns.  First, where was Bruschi? Coach said that Jacksonville was throwing a lot.  Therefore, he did not want Bruschi out there.  Which is true, as we can see from Jacksonville's pathetic rushing stats. However, we need Tedy. Especially if we have to go to Denver.  They will run the ball often. Beisel is not going to stop anybody.

Second-Although Samuel had an interception, they went to his side often and with much success.  I am afraid that Rod Smith or Marvin Harrison will eat him alive.  He for sure needs help over there.  I found myself focusing on him and he plays eight yards off the receiver.  Why?  Jam him at the line Assante!

Thirdly.  Corey Dillon.  I know he is angry lately, but c'mon Corey.  We need you.  Kevin Faulk had more rushing yards than you.  I expect Faulk to be a stud on third down, but he was THE offense tonight.  And, Brady did not look all that good.  Maybe his timing was off, but if Watson does not break those tackles, Brady has an average night.  Good thing is he always shines the game after a not so stellar game.

Well, I will take the win.  Even though I do not think it was their best game.  Let's hope for a healthy Tedy and a trip to Denver.  Root hard for Pittsburgh tomorrow.  I would rather face Plummer than Peyton Manning next.  I know Belichick will be able to confuse the "snake" when it counts.