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Open Thread: New England Patriots @ Minnesota Vikings, Week 8

Monday Night Football
New England Patriots @ Minnesota Vikings

One year ago, Tedy Bruschi made an emotional and triumphant return to football following his recovery from a stroke just 10 months earlier.

A different situation tonight. It's "just another game" in "just another dome." But it's a big game for both teams involved. For New England, it's an opportunity to keep fighting for one of the top two seeds in the conference and a bye week in he playoffs. They can also virtually seal up the division, barring a total collapse and a total revival of the New York Jets.

For Minnesota, a win keeps them within striking distance of the division leading Chicago Bears and alive and well for a playoff spot.

These teams haven't met in years, long before most of the players taking the field played for either team.

It should be a beauty.

Enjoy the game, and GO PATRIOTS.