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Pats Sign WR Gaffney; Cut Poteat, Sullivan

According to the New England Patriots signed former Houston Texans wide receiver Jabar Gaffney on Monday and cut cornerback Hank Poteat and defensive tackle Johnathan Sullivan.

Check out the Pats website for the vitals on Gaffney.

Meanwhile, in his Monday press conference, Belichick said (in so many words) that the Johnathan Sullivan experiment was a bust. Clearly, as long as the starters stay healthy, there's no room for him, and Belichick implied that there are other players in the system that are better than Sullivan.

So that means the Patriots got pretty much nothing for Bethel Johnson, who was traded to the New Orleans Saints for Sullivan.

Turns out New Orleans got nothing too. They placed Johnson on the waived/injured list on Sept. 4. No one claimed him.

Many people predicted a much quicker end for Sullivan. He didn't seem to be a Pioli/Belichick team kind of player from day one, so this really is no surprise.

As for Poteat, there's always a chance he'll be back. Belichick said as much during his press conference. And with this secondary, it's always possible. Belichick didn't seem to leave that door open for Sullivan.

And Gaffney? He toiled in virtual anonymity in Houston for four years, averaging about 500 yards per season. Until the NFL or Elias Sports Bureau or someone with some resources starts tracking pass drops as an official statistic, it will be hard to evaluate a player like Gaffney, unless you're an NFL scout; thus, I can't say much about him until we see him.