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Open Thread: Patriots @ Packers (Week 11)

Patriots Visit Hostile Tundra

According to The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss, Patriots guard Stephen Neal was taking warmup snaps with the first unit. That's good news. Even if Neal isn't 100 percent, that's one more body who can take at least a few snaps.

The bad news is the defensive secondary remains kinda cheesey, Swiss-style, so we're going to have to hope that Richard Seymour and Ty Warren, both listed as "questionable" can contain running back Ahman Green and put pressure on quarterback Brett Favre. Troy Brown may be key to the Pats pass defense.

We also need New England's running backs to impose their will and for Tom Brady and the receivers to communicate and gel. Neal and the rest of the offensive line control that destiny.

So here they go at the Frozen Tundra.