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Maroney, Light Added to Injury Report

'Our List Is Longer Than Yours'
Cassel Also Added as 'Probable'

Here are the additions to the New England Patriots injury report announced yesterday:

T Matt Light questionable (hand)
RB Laurence Maroney questionable (Ankle)
QB Matt Cassel probable (Shoulder)

Significant injuries? We'll find out Sunday.

Update [2006-11-3 9:30:52 by tommasse]:
By the way, these additions mean New England has 19 players listed as "questionable," while Indy has 17. Just thought I should explain the headline.

Update [2006-11-3 13:2:51 by tommasse]:
Oh, it's so funny, I can't take it. I was poking around looking at other stuff, but I came across a couple links to a couple Colts blogs with "writers" whining about the Patriots' injury report -- as if Indy's injury report is legitimate. Can't take their own medicine. So self-righteous. So pathetic. So, Colts-like.