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Wild Card Game Sold Out Already?

A limited number of tickets for the New England Patriots game Wild Card Weekend (Jan. 6 or 7) are scheduled to go on sale tomorrow (Friday) morning through Ticketmaster.

But according to the Patriots official website ... The tickets are gone. There are no tickets*:

Attend the Patriots Wild Card game in style! We've made a limited amount of ticket packages available and best of all, proceeds benefit the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation that assists a variety of charitable organizations and programs by supporting their educational, family and health initiatives. Your donation of $2765 includes two (2) seats in the beautiful Fidelity Investments Clubhouse for the Patriots sold out Wild Card game.
Are they just making the logical assumption that the game will sell out, and quickly (like, in seconds)? Or is there something deeper here?

Update [2006-12-29 11:36:3 by tommasse]:
Turns out they were making a logical assumption. I was able to score 4 standing-room tickets. I don't quite understand how I was able to obtain those seemingly so easily when I couldn't get a sniff of tickets for 8 regular season games. Maybe because these sold on a Friday during business hours instead of a Saturday morning, but that seems a little thin. Anyway, congrats to anyone else who snagged some.

* "A Few Good Men" reference