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Injury Report: Patriots @ Titans (Week 17)

Sit Them Or Play Them?
Nine Are 'Questionable' Heading into Tennessee

So here it is: Week 17. 'Scuse me whilst I wipe away a tear. It's always sad when the NFL regular season comes to a close. Not as sad as when your team doesn't make the playoffs. Then again, I remember a few 2-14 seasons where it wasn't so much sadness as relief.

But that's not this year. This year our boys are going to the postseason, and they have a shot at claiming the No. 3 seed, while they're guaranteed the No. 4. New England can snag the three-seed if the Patriots win and the Indianapolis Colts lose.

Which brings us to our dilemma.

Do you play a normal game, try to win, and hope Indy loses? Or do you rest your starters and these injured baker's dozen, hope for the best, and simply accept your fortunes?

I'm going to write a lot more about that later. For now, peruse the injury list and contemplate the implications.

One more thing to consider: Indy has just five players, all "questionable", listed on the report. Indy's list has been questionable all season, really. They had about 20 players listed while they were running up a 9-0 record. Woe were they! Didn't we all feel so bad? And now, the number of players on the injury list dwindles, and so does their number of wins. As Samir Nagheenanajar said in the movie "Office Space": It is to be shame. So anyway, Indy plays Miami. Just think about it.

Here is the list:

New England Patriots (11-4)
FS Rashad Baker questionable (Thigh)
WR Brandon Childress questionable (Ankle)
RB Kevin Faulk questionable (Knee)
DE Marquise Hill questionable (Knee)
T Ryan O'Callaghan questionable (Neck)
CB Chad Scott questionable (Back)
TE Benjamin Watson questionable (Knee)
NT Vince Wilfork questionable (Ankle)
DE Mike Wright questionable (Shoulder)
QB Tom Brady probable (Right Shoulder)
SS Rodney Harrison probable (Shoulder)
CB Ellis Hobbs probable (Wrist)
DE Richard Seymour probable (Elbow)

Tennessee Titans (8-7)
DT Tony Brown questionable (Knee)
TE Casey Cramer questionable (Neck)
RB Travis Henry questionable (Ankle)
DE Travis LaBoy questionable (Knee)
TE Bo Scaife questionable (Ankle)
DT Robaire Smith questionable (Toe)
WR Bobby Wade questionable (Ankle)