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Brady to have hernia surgery

As reported in the Boston Herald:

"Patriots quarterback Tom Brady played half of the season with a hernia and will have surgery to correct the problem, probably within two weeks, according to a source with knowledge of the situation."

He was listed on the injury report every week of the season, but many thought it was due to his nagging shoulder.  The Herald article suggests the hernia could cause him to overthrow his receivers. I tend to believe this as he had several uncharacteristic overthrows in the Jacksonville game and the Denver game.

Recovery time is projected to be 8-10 weeks, so he should be ready for training camp.  This solidifies my opinion of Tom Brady.  He is a warrior and a champion.  I am glad he is a Patriot.  He played half of the season in pain, for the good of his team.  Think Peyton Manning would do that?

Willie McGinest sums it up best:

"That's Donovan", McGinest said. "We're not talking about Donovan, we're talking about Tom. I didn't know how severe it was, but I knew it was bothering him. But you have guys who play with all types of injuries across the league and on our team. Being the kind of competitor he is, he wasn't going to let it slow him down."