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News, News and More News...

Whole bunch of news recently regarding the NFL. The top stories and how they impact the Patriots:

1. Ty law released by the New York Jets
Ty law was one of several veterans released by the New York Jets. The Jets were over the salary cap by $26 million, so this comes as no surprise. Had they not cut Law, they would have had to pay him $11 million to trigger the final three years of the contract. Curtis Martin restructured his contract to stay with the Jets.

Impact on Patriots
It's too early to tell. It is positive because the Jets lost a solid cornerback on their defense. Obviously, this is positive for the Patriots in that they play the Jets twice a year. What about trying to sign Ty Law? I would love to have him back, but I just don't see it happening. We wouldn't pay him before, why would we now? Plus, Ty Law always negotiates on television or the media. The Patriots do not like doing business that way.

Law has stated that the Dolphins are a quarterback (and him) away from being a contender. Not so sure that is the case, but I would just as well not see him in Miami as their defense already gives us fits. One thing for sure is Ty Law is not going to get the ridiculous money he wants and certainly not from a top notch team. If he wants to win again, he is going to need to sign for less money on a contender.

2. Colts resign Reggie Wayne
Geez. I thought there was a salary cap in the NFL? Reggie Wayne resigned for bonus money of $13-$14 million and a 6 year contract in the $40 million dollar range. How can any team pay three players (Manning, Harrison and now Wayne) that kind of money and still have anything left to field a team?

Wayne's 2005 stats:
83 rec/1055 yds/5 TD/12.7 ypc
Pretty impressive, but that is a lot of money for a number two receiver.

Impact on Patriots
Positive and negative. The negative impact on the Patriots relates to David Givens. Now, with Wayne signing for ridiculous money, David Givens is the best free agent receiver on the market. His price tag just went up. Sure, he has said he wants to stay with the Patriots, but apparently the Patriots abide by the salary cap and don't spend all of their money on a handful of players. Hey, maybe that is why they won those Super Bowls? Anyway, I am sure Givens will be offered a ton of money by some free spending team (ahem, Washington) and take it. I would not blame him as this is his best chance to make the money.

The positive spin on the Wayne signing is now the Colts will more than likely lose Edgerrin James. I would have kept Edge before Wayne as the Colt's and Manning's numbers go down when Edge is out. Hey, you can have two top flight receivers, but if you have no running game to keep the corners honest...

3. Ricky Williams failed an NFL drug test
What? You must be joking. This is a huge surprise. OK, let's stop laughing. The drug is supposedly not marijuana and Williams plans to appeal. This guy is simply stupid. There is no other way to say it. He shouldn't be taking any medication, cough syrup or even eating poppy seed bagels. But, his agent Leigh Steinberg swears, "Ricky has been...on his best behavior." This is just bad publicity for Williams. Even if he does win his appeal, his career is on life support.

Impact on the Patriots
None. I truly believe Saban was plannning on trading Williams and going with Ronnie Brown full time. The good thing from this is that no team will give the Dolphins anything for Williams as I am sure some crazy GM would have given them a second round pick for him prior to this incident, bolstering the Dolphin's draft position.

4. Buffalo tags Nate Clements
By franchising Clements, the Bills basically made a one year qualifying offer worth around $5.9 million. This was a bold and somewhat expected move by the Bills. A 2005 Pro Bowler, Clements started all 16 games last season as well as 72 straight. He had 127 tackles and two interceptions.

How this impacts the Patriots
Basically, it takes him off our potential free agent signings list. I like Clements and think he is a solid cornerback. Not sure we would have gone after him stronly, as his price tag was high. If the Bills had lost him, it would have been a big blow to their defense. And, if we had happened to sign him, it would have been even worse for the Bills.

5. Gotta mention Terrell Owens...
The stories have been everywhere. TO has supposedly met with the Broncos and has either contacted or met with the Dolphins also. I am sure he will meet with anybody willing to talk with him. But, again I bring up the salary cap issue. Aren't the Broncos another team that is way over the cap? Aren't they always?

How this impacts the Patriots
I would prefer to see TO remain in the NFC. He is truly a jackass, but is also one of the top three receivers in the game. I do not want to see him end up with Denver and especially not with the Dolphins (Although they have nobody to throw him the ball). Again, can someone check Denver's salary cap number...closely? Let him stay in the NFC and if we have to play him at all it would be possibly once during the season and then in the Super Bowl. And, we have already beaten him in the latter.