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Starks cut...McGinest next?

According to the New England Patriots website and, Duane Starks has been cut by the Patriots.


"Less than a year after surrendering a third-round draft choice to acquire him in a trade, the New England Patriots on Saturday released veteran cornerback Duane Starks, whose playing time was limited in 2005 by a shoulder injury, and who finished the season on injured reserve. The move means the Pats will save the $3.6 million base salary that Starks was due in 2006. He will still count about $1.5 million against this season's salary cap because of past bonuses. "

I for one am not sad to see Starks leave, but his shoulder injury may have contributed to his poor play and it saves money against the cap.
I am concerned, however with the idea that McGinest may be cut. According to Len Pasquarelli at, McGinest may be cut next week:

"Sources told this week that McGinest's contract situation for 2006 -- he is due a roster bonus of $3.5 million in early March, and a base salary of $3.5 million too, in a so-called dummy season that was added to his deal to aid the Patriots in navigating past cap difficulties -- could well make him a cap casualty. It's unlikely New England will pay the $3.5 million bonus and, with negotiations making little or no progress in recent weeks, the Patriots could, regrettably, end the longtime relationship with a player who has seen the lowest lows and the highest highs of the franchise."

Not sure I buy this argument as Willie has made a ton of money, is winding down a brilliant career and has always renegotiated his contract to save the team some money. He is a great player, but is 36 years old and probably would not break the bank signing a contract with another team. I would be surprised if he doesn't restructure to stay with the Patriots.