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Interesting tidbit from the combine

LenDale White: A target of the Patriots' affection

According to, the Patriots have paid a lot of attention to the running backs in Indianapolis. Specifically, LenDale White from USC. Furthermore, the article insinuates that the Pats may have to (and are considering) trading up to get him as he will more than likely not be there at 21:
"Patriots Insider has been told that Belichick likes what White brings to the table as a big powerful back. New England knows Corey Dillon's future is limited, and would like to get a back to groom behind him. One insider told PI that if White were still on the board they wouldn't be surprised to see [the patriots] make a move on him, as "his stock is on the rise." White is believed to be high on BB's "wish list" along with a certain linebacker to be named later. "

LenDale White confirmed the Patriots interest:
"Last week in an interview with The Denver Post White talked about where he might endup; "There's been talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots," White said. "It just depends on who needs what at the right time and how I work out for them." ... The Cardinals(10) , Browns (12) and Ravens(13) are thought to be the most realistic destinations for White if he's gone before New England can pick. All three select before the Patriots (21) who may be too far back to get White. "

I would love to see LenDale White in a Pats uniform. He is a tough, between the tackles runner with solid speed. His numbers at USC could have been dramatically different (on the plus side) as he had to share time with Reggie Bush. I do not, however want to see the Pats give up too much if they have to trade to get him. Who knows, he may slide to 21? Wishful thinking.