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News and CBA Hell


News is that CBA talks have broken down. Despite earlier optimism, talks have ended with no extension. According to, Thursday could turn into "Bloody Thursday" with the release of several "big name" players:

"Translation: Because so many teams are up against the projected cap limit of $95 million to $96 million for 2006, and the lack of a CBA extension means there are few options for relief, some big-name players will be jettisoned by Thursday, when teams must be in compliance with the spending limit."

The Patriots are under the $92 million dollar cap by $1.5 million. For more on the Pat's salary cap situation, (this site is excellent as it breaks down the Patriots salary cap in great detail): Miguel's UNOFFICIAL Salary Cap page. The article continues and projects players like Warrick Dunn in Atlanta and Will Shields in Kansas City may be cut. In addition, the article suggests (humorously) that the Washington Redskins could have to play with 20 rookies in 2006 as they extended several player's contracts in prior years. Does this benefit the Pats in regard to McGinest (as teams will not have the room under the cap to sign him if we release him)?

Other News:

Bills release DT Sam Adams:
According to and, the Buffalo Bills have released Sam Adams, freeing up $3.5 million in cap space. Would Adams be a good fit for the Pat's D-Line and system? Adams is a big body that excels in a 3-4. Part of the reason the Bills released him (other than his salary) is that the Bills are moving to a 4 man front. Marv Levy on Sirius radio:

"Sam is strong at the 3-4," Levy said. "We want a fly to the ball kind of four-man front. That's what the coaches tell me." Levy has established several times since returning to Buffalo he values high character guys and Adams is unlikely to fit under his particulars. Releasing Adams saves the team $3.5 million against the cap, but leaves two tackle positions that need to be filled by way of free agency or the draft. "

Would be a scary sight for opposing lineman to see Wilfork and Adams.

Moulds rejects Bill's offer:

"Buffalo Bills WR Eric Moulds has turned down the club's offer Monday to restructure his hefty contract, a decision that could force the team's hand to release its veteran receiver by as early as this week. "

Looks like Moulds will more than likely be released. If we lose Givens, he may be a viable option. Heck, he has always killed us and it would be nice to have him on our side. He will, however have several suitors I'm sure. Philadelphia, Dallas and San Diego are mentioned in the article as teams being interested. I guess he'd have to be sold on the organization and the potential to win a superbowl...sooner rather than later.