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March 3rd is approaching fast...

Are They Leaving?

No News on contract talks between the Patriots and either Adam Vinatieri or David Givens. There are rumblings that our old friend Romeo Crennel may target Givens, however. From

"WR David Givens is scheduled to become a free agent on March 3, 2006 if he cannot work out a new deal with the Patriots before then. The Cleveland Browns, who have their own receiver scheduled for free agency (Antonio Bryant), are in the market for a new receiver. Crennel told the media gathered in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine that the Browns would probably need to get a wide receiver with WR Antonio Bryant expecting to test the free agent market. The former Patriots coordinator said that the team would prefer a veteran. Crennel is familiar with Givens from his days in New England, and is believed to be targeting the former Notre Dame product."

Cleveland is currently under the $92 million cap by $21.5 million, while the Pats are under only $1.5 million. It appears that Cleveland will have the money to spend in free agency. I am not sure though, if Crennel will offer Givens a huge payday or money close to what Reggie Wayne just signed for. Givens is not quite a number one receiver yet, but is certainly the best alternative in the free agent market. I just hope he realizes that Cleveland could be years away from contending. But, once again I am sure money will talk.
No news on Vinatieri. Not sure yet if that is god or bad.