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And so it begins...

Cuts, Cuts and more cuts...

Wednesday evening the news came fast and furious. Several teams began cutting players. Some are big names.

Denver Broncos
Saving almost $15 million with the following cuts:
DE-Trevor Pryce
RB-Mike Anderson
TE-Jeb Putzier
Carolina Panthers:
Saving $4.6 million with the following cuts:
RB-Stephen Davis
RB-Rod Smart (of XFL fame, "He Hate Me")
DT-Brentson Buckner
Tennessee Titans
Cut $4.6 million in cap space with the release of:
OT-Brad Hopkins
Miami Dolphins
Saving $14 million in cap space by releasing:
CB-Sam Madison
S-Tebucky Jones
CB-Reggie Howard
OT-Damion McIntosh
Buffalo Bills
$9 million in cap savings with these cuts:
DT-Sam Adams
S-Lawyer Milloy (Did you enjoy your time there, Lawyer?)
TE-Mark Campbell

There are expected to be several other big names cut in the following days, perhaps hours. At first blush, there are a few names that may catch our eye. But looking closely at these players cut, the majority of them (the real good players)are getting up there in age. Mike Anderson is 32, Brentson Buckner is 34 and our good friend, Lawyer Milloy is 32. And...this is why Scott Pioli gets paid the big money, as it is his job (with BB, obviously) to sift through these players, attach a value to them and decide if and how they fit into the Patriots' system. I would, however like to see them first take care of our own. Specifically Vinatieri, McGinest and Givens.