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What's Going on Here?

Seau to Pats? Brady and BALCO?

I've been covering third shift at my "real" job this week, so when I saw headlines suggesting that recently retired linebacker Junior Seau wanted to come play with the Patriots and that New England quarterback Tom Brady had called Barry Bonds personal trainer about working out, I figured I must have been hallucinating from lack of sleep.

Let's get the Brady thing out of the way.

Quite simply, there's no there there. Brady called Greg Anderson several years ago when he was looking for a trainer on the West Coast during the offseason several years ago. Both Brady and Anderson said they never connected, never met, Brady never worked out with him. That's it. No big deal.

The Seau story has some meat to it. The 16-year veteran and 12-time Pro Bowl selection is expected to take a physical in Foxboro this morning and could sign a deal immediately as reported by several sources. With Willie McGinest gone to Cleveland and Tedi Bruschi, Chad Brown andMonty Beisel injured, the Pats could use a guy like Seau.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King says it's all but a done deal since Seau's agent spoke with Patriots front office personnel to negotiate the numbers, and then Seau spoke with coach Bill Belichick who sold Seau on the opportunity to suit up one more year, and Seau all but begged for that one more opportunity.

I don't know about you, but this seems a bit like the Brian Cox situation in 2001. Back then, Belichick was trying to give his team a new identity, and he brought one of the few guys in the league who could bring that identity to the field. With the injuries to Bruschi and Co., Seau is more than a warm body, more than a simple "veteran presence."

The general consensus remains that Bruschi should be back by the first game of the season, but should that be an overly optimistic timeline, this is a great hedge bet. And it should quiet all the Chicken Little Brown-and-Beisel haters for a while.