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Pats on NFL Network and Ch. 5; Notes

So I just realized I never posted the open thread for the exhibition opener last Friday. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, the Patriots will be on the NFL Network and Channel 5 for Saturday night's 8 p.m. hookup with the Arizona Cardinals in Gillette Stadium. Not sure I'll be in front of an NFL Network-equipped TV that night, but that broadcast should be available on On Demand during the week, so I'll probably watch the Channel 5 broadcast Saturday. I'll try to get an open thread posted, whether or not I participate during the game.

Matt Leinart is supposed to play the second quarter for Arizona. Exciting. Really looking forward to the Battle of the Matts (Leinart and Cassel).

So, I watched the first quarter of the Giants-Chiefs game last night. Shortly after the first penalty flag of the game flew, Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck says, "This is one of the better officiating crews in the league the last couple years," and the next thing I see is Jeff Triplette as the crew chief.

If that crew is one of the best, we're all in trouble.

The Giants, not surprisingly, looked pretty good. The Chiefs, only somewhat surprisingly, did not.