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Injury Report: Patriots vs. Buffalo

Bruschi, Jackson, Kaczur Hit the Practice Field

LB Tedy Bruschi, Questionable (Wrist)
WR Chad Jackson, Questionable (Hamstring)
OT Nick Kaczur, Questionable (Shoulder) QB Tom Brady, Probable (Shoulder) G Stephen Neal, Probable (Ankle) WR Doug Gabriel, Probable (Hamstring)

S Matt Bowen, Questionable (unspecified)

I'm sure you've all heard by now that Bruschi, Jackson and Kaczur returned to to practice; but, since it's huge news, I figured I'd mention it.

There have been insinuations by a couple writers that Jackson has Donald Hayes Syndrome -- that is, that Jackson is really having problems learning the playbook and not that he has a hamstring problem.

Of course, those insinuations were never backed by any kind of evidence, quotes or anything else, so I wouldn't put much stock in those reports.

Bruschi is playing with a cast on his wrist, as expected. I doubt he (or any of the Questionable players) will play, unless they're desperately needed, which they shouldn't be against Buffalo.