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Injury Report (Friday): Patriots vs. Redskins (Week 8)

Both Teams Relatively Healthy
Seymour Status Still Unknown

There were no surprises on Friday's injury report (yeah, I know .. Friday). Running back Sammy Morris is listed as doubtful, but he likely will not play. Tight end Ben Watson and safety Eugene Wilson are both listed as questionable, and neither of them practiced all week. I wouldn't expect to see them either.

Then there's Richard Seymour, who was activated Saturday, but did not appear on any injury report because he was inactive at the time of release. There's much speculation whether he'll play today. Being that I heard little about his participation in practice, my belief is that you won't see him. Others think he may see some tune-up time in preparation for next week. Others think he's ready to go full bore.

Washington's entire team is nearly 100 percent. You can forget the talk earlier this week about the banged up d-backs. Also, center Casey Rabach, who missed last week against Arizona, is expected to play.