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SB Nation Midseason Awards 'Nominations'

The Best and Worst of 2007
So Far

The NFL bloggers of SB Nation are casting their ballots in the second annual "Studs and Duds NFL Midseason Awards." One blogger sent out a ballot with several nominations, but I want to hear what the loyal, intelligent readers of Pats Pulpit have to say before I cast my votes. I also want to get your opinions before the the results come in so we can discuss your nominations against the decisions of the SB Nation NFL bloggers.

Yeah, I know only 8 teams have played 8 games and we're not quite halfway through the season, but I don't make the rules for the whole network.

The categories are:


  • Best Offensive Player
  • Best Defensive Player
  • Best Coach
  • Best Rookie
  • Worst Player
  • Worst Coach
  • Worst Rookie
While you're at it, why not suggest your Patriots offensive, defensive, special teams, rookie and coach studs and duds.

Think about it. Don't just go for big stats. When you think about MVP, think about who is really valuable to their team and to the Patriots -- not just the player who has the best stats. Otherwise, we'd just pick the guy with the best stats.

Consider preseason expectations. I don't think either Bill Belichick or Tony Dungy should be considered for Best Coach, because we expected the Patriots and Colts to be heading into Sunday with at most one loss on their records. (That goes for bad coaches, too. If we thought their teams would be terrible, and they are, you can't really just blame the coach.)

Consider all of the first 8 weeks of the season, not just great performances for 3 or 4 weeks. Consistency is as important as any other factor.

Challenge yourself. Don't just pick Patriots players or coaches for the NFL awards.

Hey. Have fun with this. Now have at it, and let's hear some discussion.