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NFL to officials: Eject players for flagrant helmet-to-helmet hits

NFL: Eject Players for Helmet-toHelmet Hits
Officials Instructed to Look for Flagrant Fouls

Helmet-to-Helmet Talk about dirty. Randy Moss made a
spectacular catch and was rewarded with one of many no-calls.
Colts fans call Bob Sanders a hero. Watch the video (2:35 in).

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The NFL has instructed its officiating crews to eject players for flagrant helmet-to-helmet hits.

The Associated Press reports that crews received a memo Saturday from league supervisor of officials Mike Pereira detailing the new policy.

The league fined Washington's LaRon Landry and Philadelphia's LeJuan Ramsey after hits during last weekend's games. Both were fined a game's salary. San Diego's Drayton Florence was fined for a similar hit two weeks ago.

Officials have been told to watch especially for hits applied to players in defenseless positions.

I say it's about time. The NFL has gone light on these types of his for some time. In fact, I think ejections and fines are not enough. I think if a player flagrantly spears another player, and the speared player misses future playing time, the offender should be suspended an equal period of time.

Of course, I'm still wondering why no one has said a word about Indy's Bob Sanders's clear helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless Randy Moss in the fourth quarter of last Sunday's game. Watch the game highlights video on NFLcom. It's pretty obvious.

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