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Open Thread: New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills, Week 11

Good evening, fans. Tonight your New England Patriots travel to the Great White North (well, pretty close to it) and look to improve their division record to 4-0.

Of course, they are also chasing the conference's No. 1 seed and -- history. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills are vying for a playoff berth, so they will not be laying down, regardless what's stacked against them.

P1hotobucket - Video and Image Hosting -- vs. -- P1hotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills
Ralph Wilson Stadium, Nov. 18, 8:15 p.m.

Tonight's inactives are:

New England Patriots:
S Mel Mitchell
OT Wesley Britt
DL Le Kevin Smith
DL Kareem Brown
ILB Eric Alexander
RG Stephen Neal
S Eugene Wilson
QB Matt Gutierrez (emergency quarterback)

Buffalo Bills:
RB Marshawn Lynch
TE Tim Massaquoi
LB Leon Joe
OL Christian Gaddis
TE Ryan Nuefeld
DE Copeland Bryan
DT Jason Jefferson
QB Gibran Hamdan (emergency quarterback)

Here is your opportunity to submit your in-game thoughts for discussion and posterity. Just click "Comment" and let's hear it (please follow the Community Guidelines).

Make sure you drop by Buffalo Rumblings where our good friend Brian G will be rallying support for the only team that plays its home games in New York.

Enjoy the game, and Go PATRIOTS!!