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Who's this Randy Moss guy?

Patriots' Week 11 Defining Moment
Is Moss 'Drinking the Kool-Aid'?

During Sunday's open thread, 6thround facetiously remarked that Randy Moss didn't signal the Patriots sideline fast enough after Faulk was injured. Meanwhile, Samsung is spotlighting NFL blogs with its 'Defining Moment' campaign while they pitch their HDTVs. 6thround inspired me, so I give you this week's Patriots' Defining Moment:

Four touchdowns. In one half. And you can forget about the alleged push-off. That's sour grapes. Before you complain about that, tell me how Randy Moss was so, SO wide open on that first touchdown. Because the game was over then.

But if you want to talk about "defining moments," let's talk about Moss two plays before his second touchdown. That's when Kevin Faulk was injured -- later labeled a "head injury," probably the result of another ignored helmet-to-helmet hit.

Moss, derided as a selfish player, a guy who can't be controlled who thinks only of himself, a terrible teammate -- Moss falls on the ball (fumbled by a likely unconscious Faulk -- not that Al Michaels was paying any attention) and immediately signaled to the sideline for help.

Another player might have been doing a Lights Out dance or barking at the unconscious player. Another player would be holding a press conference to tell everyone how great the "original" is. Another player is not Randy Moss.

Vote for your favorite Defining Moment at the links above, and if you have a suggestion for next week's Defining Moment, post a diary or drop me a line.