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Happy Thanksgiving from Pats Pulpit

Happy Thanksgiving
Patriots Fans Are Very Thankful

Today, my family will gather 'round a table of bounty -- my sister is an amazing cook -- and celebrate those things for which we are grateful. Similarly, we gather round the television to watch your (and our) New England Patriots, and this year there has been much for which we as Patriots fans have to be thankful.

I could run down the list, but we're all familiar enough. We root for the league's best team -- maybe the best ever. What's better is that today we can watch NFL games with virtually nothing on the line, since our New England Patriots are playing Sunday, nothing to stress over like those 3-point Patriots wins of the last six years.

No, today we give thanks for less frivolous diversions. Today we are thankful for our loved ones, for all the comforts we enjoy, for living in a country where such traditions are born, a country where "football" means a brown, oblong ball, a wonderful, marvelous country, despite all its faults and flaws. Who would want to live anywhere else?

So best wishes on this magnificent day. And remember that it's not "Turkey Day." It's a day to give thanks; so do so, for we have a lot for which to be thankful.

That reminds me, thanks to all our servicemen and women around the world whose primary objective is protecting this great nation, and thank you for reading Pats Pulpit.

Oh, and Go PATRIOTS!!