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Please Welcome 'Mocking the Draft' to SB Nation

Mocking The Draft: SB Nation's NFL Mock Drafting blog
You Want Mock Drafts?
SB Nation Unveils Mock Draft Site

Last spring, the NFL bloggers of SB Nation held a successful network-wide NFL mock draft. Mock drafts have grown geometrically in popularity in parallel with "new media," and sites have sprung up like mushrooms with mock drafts as their sole purpose.

So it's only natural that the biggest and best sports blog network in the world should have a site linked to the rest of our NFL sites and dedicated to the pursuit of analyzing and predicting the NFL draft.

Thus, SB Nation brings you: Mocking The Draft.

Matt Miller is your host. Matt comes to SB Nation from New Era Scouting.

We're very happy to have Matt on board, and we expect he'll be very busy answering questions for all of us when he's not posting on his own site. (No pressure, Matt.)

Please welcome Matt. If you have questions for him, post them here in our own Diary section or drop by Mocking The Draft and see what Matt has going on there.