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Open Thread: New England Patriots vs. New York Jets, Week 15

The weather outside is frightful, not fit for man nor beast. But it's pretty good for football. It would be better for a couple teams in whom I had no stake. Games in weather like this are fun to watch -- on TV.

I'm heading to Foxboro and still trying to decide how to get there. We'll be wearing layers today.

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New England Patriots vs. New York Jets
Gillette Stadium, Dec. 16, 1 p.m.

However the game plays out, there's one event millions of people can't wait to see -- or not see: Will Bill Belichick meet Eric Mangini on the field after the game and what will be the exchange. Personally, I don't care much, and I think much depends on the outcome of the game. At the moment, I'm just considering travel plans.

But please discuss freely. This is your opportunity to discuss the game and its peripheral issues. Please be sure to follow our Community Guidelines. Let's hear some chatter out there.

Enjoy the game, and Go PATRIOTS!!