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Open Thread: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants, Week 17

The pro football world is just hours away from finding out if it's possible to go undefeated in a 16-game season. But let's be realistic: This is not a foregone conclusion. The New York Giants are 10-5 and playing at home.

Mike Carey will be tonight's head official. Carey's crew also worked Game of the Year, Part I, when your New England Patriots played Dallas. The Patriots had five penalties assessed for 50 yards, the Cowboys were penalized 98 yards on 12 penalties.

It's appropriate at this time to remember Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill, who died on Memorial Day this year while saving a life before losing his own.

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New England Patriots @ New York Giants
Giants Stadium, Dec. 29, 8:15 p.m.

While the rest of the league mourned Washington's Sean Taylor and required every team in the league to wear a sticker with Taylor's uniform number, Hill has gone all but forgotten -- except by the Patriots (who have worn a "91" sticker, smaller than Taylor's, on their helmets all season long) and their fans.

Hill, like several Patriots a graduate of Louisana State University, died in a jetski accident near his New Orleans home. Hill was a leader in Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. He left behind a fiance and a son. Hill was a hero. Let's hope his team can honor Hill's memory today with a victory.

Enjoy the game, and Go PATRIOTS!!