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Open Thread: 2007 Pro Bowl

New England Patriots fans can look forward to their team, which defeated the team with the NFL's best regular season record in the playoffs and barely lost the AFC Championship, represented by a single player -- replacement offensive tackle Matt Light.

It may be more interesting to watch for the coaches, as Bill Belichick is sure to get some camera time, and the meathead broadcasters will no doubt bring up LaDainian Tomlinson's post-divisional playoff comments and Belichick coaching both him and Peyton Manning in this game.

The only "all-star" game that takes place after the season, most of the players who get elected to play refuse to partake. Some can't -- they have legitimate injuries. Most couldn't care less. What does that say for why the fans should be interested?

Anyway: "Enjoy the game!" If you have anything to say, post a comment.

(Man, what an anticlimactic end to the 2006 season.)