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Open Thread: Super Bowl XLI -- Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears

The game, the pre-game, the commercials, the "entertainment," the broadcast .. whatever you want to talk about. It's all fair game today.

Revised game-time forecast: Close to 70 degrees, winds around 10-15 mph, and a 40 percent chance of rain showers. That's a little warmer, less windy and potentially rainier than predicted last night.

I admit: Before the Patriots recent dominance, I was always excited about the Super Bowl, regardless who was playing. This year, not so much. That tends to contradict the national perception that we New Englander's take success for granted. We get excited for every game the Patriots play, whether we choose subdued expression until game time. Success is expected, and loss is disheartening.

But while I'm not particularly excited about the game itself, I'll watch it and enjoy rating the commercials and having some good football food, and I hope you'll all do the same.

So sit back, take it all in and post your comments here. And even though they aren't playing: Go PATRIOTS!!