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Tomlinson Now Regrets Post-Game Comments

Belichick, Tomlinson Make Up
Where Are the Nat'l Media Apologies?

San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson "kind of apologized" for intimating that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is classless.

You may remember that Tomlinson disgracefully impugned the entire Patriots organization after "some players" mimicked steroid user Shawne Merriman's insulting "Light's Out" celebration in the center of the field after New England against all odds defeated the Chargers, 24-21, in the AFC Divisional Playoffs.

Tomlinson said the Patriots "showed no class, and maybe that comes from the head coach."

It was later reported that only Ellis Hobbs imitated Merriman's mocking undulation -- far from "some players."

Now, three and a half weeks later, Tomlinson seemed reticent. From the wire reports:

Tomlinson now wishes he hadn't invoked Belichick's name - and he's excited to see how New England's coaching staff will use him in the Pro Bowl.

"I told [Belichick] that I said some things that maybe I shouldn't have said," Tomlinson said, "and in return, Bill said he didn't even see Hobbs doing it, but after the game, he definitely said something to him about handling the situation better."

While Tomlinson was clearly wrong, I question why it took so long for him to come to this conclusion, especially after he reiterated his allegations in the days following his tirade. Maybe, when he was face-to-face with Belichick, he was too gutless to say it again.

Tomlinson said that Belichick joked around with the players, and that "We even joked about the (Patriots-Chargers) game."

The previously classless Belichick, who never publicly uttered an unkind word about Tomlinson or his original comments, acted typically Belichick-ian when asked about the make-up session.

"We talked," Belichick said. "I have all the respect in the world for LaDainian as a person, as a player, and it's fun to be out here working with all of those guys from the Chargers."
Now it's time for all the national media hacks who lined up to take shots at Belichick to apologize, too.

Think they will?

Neither do I.

Who's classless now?

Belichick Briefly Address Ted Johnson Story

From the same wire story:

Belichick had less to say about retired Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson, who claims Belichick forced him to participate in full-strength practices shortly after incurring a concussion. Johnson says the resulting brain injuries left him with memory loss, depression and an addiction to amphetamines.

"I wish Ted well," Belichick said. "I know he's going through some things, and I hope it works out well for him. ... I really don't want to go into the past. I just hope things work out well for Ted. I really do."


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