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Arbitrator overturns Todd Sauerbrun contract with Patriots

NFLPA objection upheld
Punter Sauerbrun now a free agent

Last week, the National Football League Players Association filed an objection to the clause in Todd Sauerbrun's previous contract with the Patriots that allowed them to match an offer from the Denver Broncos. Today, Special Master Stephen Burbank ruled in favor of the NFLPA, voiding the Patriots' right of first refusal as well as the original Denver offer. Sauerbrun is now an unrestricted free agent, able to sign with any team.

The point of contention revolved around the paperwork from Sauerbrun's contract with the Patriots last year. The NFL collective bargaining contract stipulates that any right of first refusal that goes into a contract must be filed with a separate form attached to the contract. The Patriots-Sauerbrun deal from last year had the wording for the right of first of refusal inserted into the wording of the contract itself instead of in a separate form. The Patriots can appeal the decision with the Minnesota district court.

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