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Chris Henry visits Foxboro

Pre-draft visit elicits praise
RB chronicles experience

University of Arizona RB Chris Henry had a pre-draft visit with the New England Patriots this Wednesday, April 18th. He has been writing about his experiences leading up to the draft, including his trip to Foxboro. The 230lb RB had nice things to say about the visit:

There is definitely a buzz in New England. The people and fans are just really proud and passionate about their team. I'm sure every city has passionate fans, but with all the Super Bowls in the last five or six years, there is just an added sense of pride in New England. That visit was a little more personal. It was the third time we have met with each other. We had talked at the Combine, in Arizona and now in New England. They gave me a tour of the facility. That stadium was amazing. From the outside it looked nice, but when you get on the inside it's unbelievable. Everybody has watched the Patriots play. I'm sure playing in that stadium is amazing. Its' so big and with those fans going crazy, the players must love it. I know I would.

Via Mike Reiss

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