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With Mock Draft pick No. 91
Pats Pulpit Selects Zak DeOssie

Before we talk about who the New England Patriots might actually draft this weekend, let's take a final look at the SB Nation Mock Draft (full results posted at Pride of Detroit).

With the No. 91 pick in the draft (the 28th of the 3rd round), I selected Zak DeOssie, a linebacker from Brown University.

I was considering six players here. In addition to DeOssie, I was looking at linebackers Jon Abbate of Wake Forest and H.B. Blades or Pittsburgh, plus safety Josh Gattis of Wake Forest, cornerback C.J. Gaddis of Clemson, and running back Chris Henry of Arizona.

What clinched it for DeOssie is that, like my Weddle pick earlier, DeOssie (6-foot-4, 250 pounds) can fill several roles. He could be a Mike Vrabel-type player (No, I didn't say he's as good as Vrabel, so relax.), where he can play inside, where he's played at Brown, outside, where most scouts are slotting him, and tight end or fullback.

No, I haven't read that he could play those positions, but who knew Vrabel could? Teams (witness the Jets and Colts among others) seem to be doing that a lot lately. Maybe Dan Klecko would be a better analogy until we see DeOssie play.

DeOssie was also a long-snapper at Brown. The Patriots current long-snapper, Lonie Paxton, is 2 inches shorter and 10 pounds heavier than DeOssie. Paxton also has 7 years under his belt (he'll retire someday) and he doesn't do much else besides long snaps. DeOssie could make him expendable in a year or so, and that would free up a roster spot.

Finally, DeOssie can play special teams, and he could be viewed as a potential replacement for Larry Izzo (he has 11 years in the bank), which would free up a roster spot. Of course, DeOssie won't do all those things. If you have him filling all those roles and he gets hurt -- he has been tagged a "durability issue" -- you'd be in trouble.

Abbate is just 5-10, 236, and Blades is 5-11, 236. Between the two of them, I was leaning toward Abbate, because I think he'd have more of an impact on special teams.

I think Gattis would have been a steal at No. 91, but after taking Weddle in the first round, it didn't make much sense taking another safety here. Gaddis would be a solid selection, and Gaddis could develop into a "cornerback of the future" (New England took Asante Samuel in the 3rd round).

Henry has been rocketing up draft boards, but ultimately, I don't think he's worth the 3rd round, and New England doesn't desperately need a running back, so he might be a consideration in the 4th round if he's still there.

Oh, and for those of you thinking DeOssie is a homer pick because his old man is on WEEI, nothing could be further from the truth. Honestly, do you think I want to listen to him bragging about his kid every day?


What do you think of Zak DeOssie in the 3rd round?

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