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2007 NFL Draft: Open Thread

Welcome to the PatsPulpit 2007 NFL Draft Open Thread!

I don't think this year's draft will be as exciting for New England Patriots fans as last year's was, but it should be interesting.

I think New England will use pick No. 24 and trade No. 28. Contrary to what I've said earlier, they may trade into the 2nd round if they also get an additional 3rd-rounder. But I think there will be few takers, as it seems there are many more teams that want to trade down instead of up.

If the Patriots do trade down, expect them to package some of those second-day picks for picks next year or for current players. There have been suggestions that a couple of those picks could go to Oakland for Randy Moss, but I won't believe that until I see it.

Any last-second predictions out there?

Update [2007-4-28 14:38:18 by tommasse]:
By the way, I'll post the Patriots picks in their own "stories" but since two picks are (potentially) so close together, I won't post analysis until the draft day is complete. (Of course, you're all free to analyze all you want in the comments section of each pick's post.)