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With the No. 24 pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, the Patriots select ...

Bandon Meriweather Safety
University of Miami

Like last year, I nailed the position. Like last year, New England took a different player at that position. Last year, I liked the pick. I really hope I'm wrong in everything I've said so far about Meriweather.

Here's's summary of Meriweather.

I'll have more later.

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What do you think about the Brandon Meriweather selection?

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  • 7%
    A+: Outstanding! I couldn't have picked a better player myself.
    (1 vote)
  • 38%
    A: Excellent! They filled a key need with a great player.
    (5 votes)
  • 15%
    B: Good. He was the best available talent.
    (2 votes)
  • 30%
    C: Average. Meh. I could have done better.
    (4 votes)
  • 0%
    D: Fair: Not too good. He doesn't fit the Patriots "team" mold.
    (0 votes)
  • 7%
    F: Horrible! The Apocalypse is upon us!
    (1 vote)
13 votes total Vote Now