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Breaking News: Patriots DE Marquise Hill reported missing

Breaking News
Patriots DE Hill Missing

WBZ-TV in Boston is reporting that New England Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill is missing in a boating incident. More here as details become available.

Update [2007-5-28 10:51:25 by tommasse]: of Louisiana reports that Hill was involved in a jetski accident Sunday night on Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans. (On Google Maps, look just west of the New Orleans Lakefront Airport. The bridge is labeled the Senator Ted Hickey Bridge.)

Update [2007-5-28 10:53:9 by tommasse]:
Some more details from the online story and video report:

  • Police received a call about a woman in the water at 9:24 p.m.
  • Hill was with a female friend, who was rescued. She was able to latch onto a "pylon".
  • The boat that rescued the woman saw Hill, but lost him in the darkness.
  • There is a strong current in the area.
  • Neither Hill nor the woman was wearing a life jacket.
  • The Coast Guard and local authorities have been searching by boat and helicopter this morning with no success.

Hill was born and raised in Louisiana where he attended high school and Louisiana State University and played on LSU's national championship team. The Patriots drafted Hill in the second round in 2004.